My books

I write gardening books – but not for gardeners!

No, my gardening books are for people who want great gardens, or who want to learn more about plants and gardening, without having to spend too much time, money and effort.
For this reason I came up with the GardenEzi concept for easy gardening. Each book in this series features a simple Five Step Program which divides all that gardening STUFF into bite-sized chunks for easy digestion.

The books are sold on Amazon, as Kindle downloads. This way they are cheap to buy – just $4.95 each. Or you can download them to a laptop, tablet, ipad or even your phone! – the download program is available FREE from Amazon at
This means you can read the books on your screen or print out the bits you want and take them out to the garden with you.

Books in the GardenEzi series to date are:
Growing Great Azaleas
How to Have a Great Garden for Just Two Hours Work a Week
Tropical Foliage Garden

Improving Your Garden Soil

Grow Herbs – Make Money

To find out more about these books go to my website at
Or got direct to the Amazon Kindle books website; you can do this quickly by typing in the name of the book that interests you.

And while you’re there, take a look at my novel A Garden in Africa which is also for sale as a Kindle download. If you love gardens, love adventure, love history and love Africa then you’ll love this book.

ALSO, if you’re a camper and either live in Australia or are planning a visit, find out all you need to know on Camping Australia Guide, also available as a Kindle download.

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