Poets honour our own Poet Laureate

From here to the wild world’s end! – The view westward that so inspired the young Raymond Curtis –


We said farewell to Raymond Curtis a few weeks back but last Monday night the poets and poetry lovers of Tamborine Mountain bid their own special hail and farewell to the man who had been an inspiration to so many of them.

Judith Wright may have been the most famous poet to live on Tamborine but Raymond Curtis was our poet laureate; the one who had lived longest here and written most about it, as celebrated in his anthology The View Westward.

It was, like all the nights at Clancy’s Bar organised by local poetry group Calanthe Collective, a wonderfully warm and humanist gathering.  We are from many nations, with many different viewpoints and of differing ages too, but our love of life and sometimes our despair of it, expressed poetically, unites us all for those few felicitous hours.

Except for a small infusion of Longfellow and Goethe the evening was unabashedly Australian in tone. This was enforced by our guests for the evening, the Beaudesert Bush Bards.  Here are just a few of the performers:


About Tamborine Dreamer

I am a horticulturist, writer and photographer who lives on Tamborine Mountain, one of the world's beautiful places to live with plenty of sunshine, good rainfall, moderate temperatures, lush rainforest, splendid views of both the ocean to the east and the mountains to the west. I love writing about the place in which I live, in all its moods and seasons. Besides gardening I love good literature and poetry, bushwalking, birdwatching, history, Japanese language and culture, and music of several kinds.
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