Bob’s Big Day


Biking, birding and beaches- not necessarily in that order – were how Bob wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday.  Not for him the “luxury” cruise or the round-the-world trip or indeed anything that involved getting up close and personal with a lot of frolicking strangers. Not for him, either, the big birthday party which would involve getting up close and personal with a lot of frolicking friends and relos.

Bob, as we all know, is not a celebratory person.  Yet in his own quiet way he enjoys life more than just about anyone I know and while he is not thrilled by being 80 he is glad to be here, in sound mind, with more interests than many a far younger man.  Most of which can be accessed on an iPad.

So for the big day we decided to celebrate three aspects of our life together than have brought us immense pleasure.  We’ve shared birdwatching and its many worldwide adventures for nearly 45 years now, took up cycling almost 10 years ago and as for beaches – we’ve lived on them, sailed and canoed and boated by them, swum from them, dived from them and made most of our major life-changing decisions when walking on them.

Thus Monday morning found us heading down to Kingscliff, only an hour or so away and just over the NSW border.  An oldey-timey sort of beach resort compared to the glitzy Gold Coast to the north.  We’d taken a waterside apartment for a couple of nights and planned to enjoy three days of doing our favourite  things – plus wining and dining.

We had a wonderful time –  and cycled 60 kms over two of our three days. Bob is just so happy to have made it to 80 and be able to spend his birthday doing the one physical activity that keeps him feeling young.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story…


About Tamborine Dreamer

I am a horticulturist, writer and photographer who lives on Tamborine Mountain, one of the world's beautiful places to live with plenty of sunshine, good rainfall, moderate temperatures, lush rainforest, splendid views of both the ocean to the east and the mountains to the west. I love writing about the place in which I live, in all its moods and seasons. Besides gardening I love good literature and poetry, bushwalking, birdwatching, history, Japanese language and culture, and music of several kinds.
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